About NVS Canada

About New Vision Systems Canada

New Vision Systems Canada Inc. is a leading system integrator company based in Toronto Canada specializing in providing meaningful Automation and cutting-edge technology solutions, including RFID, Traffic & Transportation, Security and Information Technology for commercial businesses and government organizations. Our aim is to transform technology into value for the benefit of our clients.


By utilizing more than 15 years of extensive, in-depth professional experience combined with a diversity of exceptional academic backgrounds we are able to provide a range of services and custom solutions. Innovation is of great value to us. Thus we focus on new and emerging technologies, carefully explore their potential and use our solutions experience in applying technologies so that our clients can effectively address different industry-specific problems and rapidly benefit from the early adoption of such technologies. At the same time, however we study and set the roadmap for the successful and full adoption and deployment of new technologies by our clients.


At NVS we consider that grasping knowledge is the key to making a real difference for our clients. Therefore we conduct our business by utilizing carefully planned procedures and employing effective methodologies always focusing on our clients' specific needs. We believe that accurate planning and designing the next step, in a thoroughly laid out procedure, is the key that defines the success of our final products. At NVS we strive to provide quality services and solutions in order to provide our customers with the virtual competitive edge in the modern business environment.


NVS integration services help clients solve business challenges and create opportunities to drive high performance. We have a deep understanding of industry dynamics and business processes with experience in applying emerging technologies. Our insight, experience, skilled people and industrialized approach make us a leader in delivering high quality, lower-cost custom built solutions.

We acknowledge the financial support of the government of Canada in supporting our development in the nuclear industry.

We acknowledge the support of our partner Diondo and Fraunhofer in development of nuclear solutions presented.