IT Assesment

As your business grows, so do your IT needs. With an ever-expanding business and constant technological innovations, your IT systems can be neglected, thereby hindering the efficiency of your company. Over time, new programs and devices are developed which can help make your IT system faster, more efficient and most importantly, more secure. Having your IT system assessed prevents the formation of performance gaps, inefficiencies and redundancies. Furthermore, it ensures that your IT systems can keep up with your company’s growth.

What is an IT Assessment? A process in which various aspects of your company’s IT systems are evaluated against predetermined parameters for maintaining optimum efficiency. The strengths and weaknesses of your existing IT system is analyzed and improvements in system security, functionality are suggested. We ensure that your business is as secure and productive as possible by providing assessment reports on your:

Security system: A thorough check of your company’s network, which secures sensitive information, to prevent hacking and leaks. Strengths and weaknesses are tested, and we ensure you have the most secure IT system to protect your company’s information integrity.

Applications: An assessment of the current systems used in IT operations. IT operations are reviewed and you are provided with a plan to eliminate redundancies in your system and maximize efficiency.

Storage and Servers: We review the company’s current method of information storage and network server usage. Your system is optimized to ensure maximum capacity at the minimal cost.

Future IT Needs: A predictive analysis report for the future of your company’s IT needs in order to allow you to make pre-emptive arrangements for seamless working of your IT system as your company grows and propels to greater heights. We provide you with what you need before you need it by anticipating and planning for future IT needs

Data Recovery and Back-up: An assessment of your company’s current plan of action in case of data loss or theft. We provide you with a plan to minimize damage and loss of information as well as tech support to ensure that all your data is backed up to avert any future crises.

We develop a customized technology roadmap that helps you navigate unforeseen hurdles and:

Grow Revenue

Improve on Customer Experience

Control Costs

Leverage new technologies to enable Business Continuity

Control Risks

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