IT Assesment

As your business grows, so do your IT needs. With an ever-expanding business and constant technological innovations, your IT system can be neglected, thereby hindering the efficiency of your company. Over time, new programs and devices are developed which can help make your IT system faster, more efficient and most importantly, more secure. Having your IT system assessed prevents the further formation of performance gaps, inefficiencies and redundancies. Furthermore, it ensures that your IT system can keep up with your company’s growth.

IT Assessment: A process in which various aspects of your company’s IT system is assessed. The strengths and weaknesses of your existing IT system is analyzed and we make improvements in system security, functionality and efficiency. We will ensure that your business is as secure and as productive as possible by providing assessments on your:

Security system: an assessment of your company’s network, which secures sensitive information, to prevent hacking and leaks. Strengths and weaknesses will be tested, and we will be able to provide you with a more secure system to protect your company’s IT integrity.

Applications: an assessment of the current system of IT operations. IT operations will be reviewed and we will come up with a plan to eliminate redundancies in your system and maximize efficiency. Storage and Servers: an assessment of the company’s current method of information storage and network server usage. Your system will be optimized to ensure maximum capacity at the best cost to ensure that your information is stored well and that your IT system is running smoothly.

Storage and Servers: an assessment of the company’s current method of information storage and network server usage. Your system will be optimized to ensure maximum capacity at the best cost to ensure that your information is stored well and that your IT system is running smoothly.

Future IT Needs: an assessment for the future of your company’s IT needs will be made, in order to allow your IT system to grow with your company. Anticipating and planning for future IT needs ensures that your IT system will aid you as your business grows, providing you with what you need before you need it.

Data Recovery and Back-up: an assessment of your company’s current plan of action in case of data loss. We will provide you with a plan to minimize damage and lost information as well as tech support to ensure that your future data is backed up to avert any future crises.


Business Continuity

Cyber attacks, floods and blackouts are all ever-expandingmples of things that can disrupt the continuity of your business. When business is disrupted you lose efficiency and lose money. Business continuity measures can help ensure that when a crisis happens, your business runs with as little disruption as possible.

Business Continuity: a system of plans, exercises and steps that are taken to ensure that your business continues to function as smoothly as possible when a crisis happens. A business continuity plan consists of:

Analysis of current system:

the current system is analyzed to determine gaps in security of your company’s information. Gaps between the current system capabilities to back up information and the current amount of information to be backed up is analyzed.

Disaster Planning:

we plan for a crisis that could affect the continuity of your business. By planning for a crisis we see what would be affected in the event of a crisis, and take steps to ensure that as much information as possible is backed up. In addition, a recovery plan is made, and a recovery team is assembled.

Employee Education:

we instruct your employees on what a crisis is, and what the plan of action is when a crisis strikes. This is to ensure that each employee is doing all that they can to prevent loss of data.


our team will provide immediate assistance and support to ensure that your business runs with as little interruption as possible for the duration of the crisis.

Managed Services

While you are busy managing your business and clients, we manage your IT systems. We provide round-the-clock support and troubleshooting for your IT issues at a reasonable monthly fee. Outsourcing managed services maximizes your company’s efficacy by allowing you to focus on your core business instead of IT issues.

Managed Service:

Technical support and maintenance provided by our company. Instead of hiring a third-party to manage updating your software, technical failure and server management, we provide you with these services. This ensures that you have constant and accessible service instead of having to waste time and money waiting for technical issues to be resolved. A service- level agreement (SLA) is signed between our company and yours which stipulates the terms and services, in order to outline what services, we will be providing you. Some of the services we provide are:

Information services:
Includes software upgrades and maintenance, network operation, network management, data back-up and recovery.

Communication services:
Providing telephone, videoconferencing and Internet services.

Printing services:
Includes printer maintenance and calibration order and replace toners when needed

PC Maintenance Program

In order to ensure that your IT systems are running at operating at maximum efficiency, your PCs need to be constantly maintained. Without doing so, your servers, hard drives and storage systems become clogged up old or irrelevant information, thus making your systems slower, and your business functioning slower as well.

PC Maintenance Programs: a system of maintenance for your PCs that ensure that your computer is working at peak capacity. This includes:

PC tune-ups

Backup documents and important database files

Speeding up computers and removing programs that slows your PC

Privacy protection when using the Internet on your PC browsers

Deleting junk that take up space on your hard drives

Installation and maintenance of anti-virus software that can target your information Cleaning dust off PC that keeps processor running higher and slows computer and consumes more energy

Printer Maintenace Program

Printers and scanners remain one of the most used ways of sending information to different employees, offices and providing invoices to customers. Having a printer maintenance service ensures that your printers and scanners are working properly so that they working when you need them the most.

Printer Maintenance Programs: a maintenance service that we provide to your printers and scanners. This program makes your office more efficient by ensuring that the printers and their necessary equipment and supplies are always readily available and that any issues that arise can be resolved quickly and without disrupting your business needs.

Clean printer inside and outside

Blow off dust from printer that is major reason for paper jams

Lubricate moving parts to ensure printer running smoothly

Recondition printer pick up rollers and paper transport assembly

Cabling Infrastructure

Cabling Infrastructure is the process of designing and installing cabling systems that will link multiple hardware systems with one another. When properly designed and installed, these infrastructures ensure the strongest possible connection between each of your devices and your servers. An excellent infrastructure will meet your needs for today and tomorrow, allowing it to support more hardware in the future.

Cabling Infrastructure: We do Designing and planning a structured cable plant design for your building or office simplifies management of moves, adds and changes, which comprise a majority of your day-to-day administration headaches and provides you with a reliable infrastructure for data transport.  Having designed and implemented systems for clients throughout GTA, our expertise will help you in implementing a "transparent", structured cabling system that allows you to concentrate on more important issues, such as running your network:

Category 5e or Category 6e Wiring and Installation

Fiber Optic Installation & Trouble-shooting

LAN Design, Engineering, & Installation

Full office phone and telecom network cabling

Equipment Relocation

Video wiring for TV or Satellite

Ethernet and Coaxial Cabling

Security Camera System Installation & Repair

CAT3, CAT5, CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6e, Cable Testing and Certifying

Structured Cable Design & Management

Site Survey