Smart CT Scan

SCT System is developed to rapidly check the hidden parts of the nuclear components and tools without disassembling. SCT system performs Integrity Check and FME process with the need to disassembling the tool or the part need to be checked. The SCT system is also able to detect cracks in the tools and parts which is valuable information required before using the tool.
The SCT system has 2 main components:

1- Computer & Software system

  • High end computing system
  • Software is based on patent advanced AI algorithms
  • Pre scans are used system training and creating base model
  • Option for continuous incremental training using incoming data
  • CT Scan output images are analyzed during the post-use scan
  • Missing parts can be displayed in different formats
  • Full report of missing parts

2- CT Scan

  • Modular CT Scan system to accommodate different tool size
  • Can accommodate tools up to 6m length
  • Tools are placed on the starting end of the CT Scan and the tool is automatically scanned and comes out from the other end
  • Tool is scanned before being used in nuclear work to check the readiness of the tool
  • Tool is scanned after being used for nuclear work to check for any missing or loose items and automatic FME process is performed

Smart CT Scan benefits

  • Elimination of human errors Risks during Tools and Components Integrity Checks.
  • Accurately detects cracks in the body of the Tool or Component. Radiation
  • Remarkable Saving of check-up time and workers dose uptake.
  • Remarkable Reduction of the maintenance cost.
  • Save Critical Path time of integrity check, reducing Reactor Scheduled Outages.
  • Precise detection of components displacement/missed component without the need to disassemble the tool.
  • Easy integration with OPG planning software