Nuclear safety Solutions

Risk or danger to human health or the environment exposed by the radiation emanating from the atomic nuclei is called as nuclear hazard. Nuclear hazard is an actual or potential release of radioactive material at a commercial nuclear power plant or a transportation accident.

A small mistake can cost the nuclear power facility millions, even billions of dollars. Let’s assume you are the administrative manager at a nuclear facility. You have scheduled maintenance in a part of the plant that is an active radiation zone. You send in the team, the work is completed on time, however one of your foremen realises he has left a screw driver behind! Now comprehend the cost of recovery and disposal of a small tool like screw driver after following all safety protocols. This is where we come in.

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NVS has developed a unique solution using patent materials that can withstand high radiation in accordance with nuclear safety regulations and prevent catastrophic mistakes.

Our system integrates with your software to warn the personnel in-charge about any unauthorized access in restricted area.

All tools are tagged and automatically accounted for and the person in-charge has a readymade system that informs him of all the tools that are being taken into the area also giving the user the ability to trigger an alert if a tool is misplaced or missing.

NVS solution ensures all the safety regulations are followed and removes the danger of human dependence or mistakes and alerts personnel if they are not following the safety rules.

Our nuclear safety solution also provides analyzed data for usage of safety equipment and personnel behaviour including movement history and real time locations that are very useful in enhancing safety procedures.

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