Smart Eye

Automated intelligent FME system

Smart Eye is and automated and intelligent system that replaces the manual process of FME of tools with an automated one that eliminates human errors. This intelligent FME detection system consists of multiple cameras that detects missing parts of tools being used in nuclear reactors or other industrial environments.

Benefits of Smart Eye

Reduce dose uptake

  • Reduce time for performing the FME process will reduce the dose uptake by workers

Data acquisition

  • Traceability – Deliver evidence of produced products, their appearance and quality
  • Increased speed – Inspect more products for missing parts than possible by manual inspection
  • Reduced inspection overhead – Release skilled workers to focus on higher value activities


  • Increased product quality – Capture defect information and provide feedback for upstream process refinement
  • Increased accuracy and coverage – Detect smaller and more varied types of defects than possible by manual inspection
  • Reduced waste – Identify and capture defects early and address root causes


  • Production optimization – Use data to optimize production and planning
  • Optimized maintenance – Use quantitative defect data to judge when equipment needs maintenance