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Many industrial activities also require specialized tools, including tools custom-made for a specific operation. Expensive tools can often get lost. But there are reliable methods of marking them. The most reliable method is to use the RFID proximity tags that come in the form of plastic chips or labels.

NVS’ RFID tool management system helps your company accurately and efficiently track any of your tools. Rather than wasting time searching for and replacing lost tools, you can now keep track of them with a convenient, easy to use, complete RFID tool management system that enables you to keep track of the location and inventory at the same time.

Controlling the movement of tools, who may use them and their access restrictions in certain areas of plant can be made through our real-time tool management software, which can bring instant clarity and efficiency to your business, while helping reduce operational and overhead costs.

Here are some advantages of our tool management system:

Compatible with a high density of metal surfaces and with the smallest footprint and profile, to fit any tool type

An RFID tag can be read even if it is passed near a reader, so you don’t have to position the tools near a reader. It can be read from a distance that is not even in the line of sight and you can read multiple RFID tags at once

Improved process automation – accurate real-time insight into the movement of tools and materials enables more efficient production.

Accurate tracking and resistive to shocks, fluids and other corrosive chemicals and can be accurately scanned without direct line of sight, even when dirty or greasy

Improved safety for lone workers who work remotely

Improved planning and utilization of tools – items are not left unused in the tool kit

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