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In-depth experience with diversity of innovative solutions.

New Vision Systems Canada Inc. is a leading system integrator company based in Toronto, Canada specializing in providing meaningful Automation and cutting-edge technology solutions, including RFID, Traffic & Transportation, Security and Information Technology for commercial businesses and government organizations. Our aim is to transform technology into benefits for you and value to your business.

By utilizing more than 15 years of extensive and wide-ranging professional experience, we are able to provide innovative, custom solutions to our clients. Creating and recognizing emerging technologies and providing custom solutions to suit our clients’ needs is our speciality. We understand that switching over to new technologies can be daunting for any business, even when its benefits are clear. Therefore, we focus on providing custom solutions in new and emerging technologies, so that our clients can seamlessly switch to, or integrate with a more profitable, efficient, and secure solution. Our goal is to lead our clients to benefitting from the early adoption of new technologies and accelerate their path to a technologically sustainable and successful future.  

At NVS Canada, we strive to provide quality services and solutions in order to provide our customers with the virtual competitive edge in the modern business environment.

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At NVS, we focus on new and emerging technologies, carefully exploring their potential and creating customized solutions in these technologies so that our clients can effectively address different industry-specific problems and rapidly benefit from the early adoption of such technologies.

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