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Smart CT Scan

Smart CT Scan

Smart CT Scan is NVS Canada’s custom solution to increasing nuclear safety and aiding the performance of the FME (Foreign Material Exclusion) process and tool integrity checks at a nuclear facility. Smart CT scan is a solution that combines the usage of custom software and a CT machine. Our custom-patented software uses AI to assess the condition and viability of tools required for the maintenance or repair of the reactor. 

Smart Eye

Smart Eye

Smart Eye, the custom solution by NVS Canada, enhances nuclear safety through automatic FME. Intelligent camera scans analyze images, detecting missing parts in items. With multiple cameras providing a holistic assessment, Smart Eye suggests necessary actions to ensure item integrity. By minimizing human error and reducing dose uptake, Smart Eye boosts nuclear safety. Its data acquisition and analysis capabilities, coupled with our software, deliver additional benefits. Beyond safety, Smart Eye streamlines daily operations, replacing time-consuming manual FME with efficient automation. Experience the time-saving advantage of Smart Eye, reducing the FME process to seconds.

Smart Gateway

Smart Gateway

Our solutions make it easy to identify, record and track your:

  • PPE

  • TLD

  • Equipment

  • Tools

  • Workers

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