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Card Access

We offer a premier card access system designed for the unique needs of the retail industry.


This system offers unparalleled security for stockrooms, offices, and any area requiring restricted access within retail environments. By employing cutting-edge encryption and customizable access permissions, ensures that only authorized personnel can gain entry to sensitive areas, protecting valuable inventory and confidential information.


Easy to install and manage, our card access solution features detailed access logs, providing retail managers with insightful data on entry and exit patterns, thereby enhancing operational security and efficiency. Ideal for retailers of any size, your first line of defense in safeguarding the assets and sanctity of restricted spaces.

Access Control
Video Surveillance

We offer a sophisticated video surveillance system engineered to meet the comprehensive security demands of the retail sector.


With high-resolution cameras and advanced features like motion detection, facial recognition, and real-time alerts, providing a powerful deterrent against theft while ensuring the safety of employees and customers alike.


This system not only captures critical footage of incidents for investigation and evidence purposes but also enhances overall store management by monitoring customer flow and behaviour.


Also adaptable to store layouts of all sizes, providing a scalable and effective solution to maintain a secure and welcoming shopping environment.

Access Control
Alarm Systems

An advanced alarm system tailor-made for the retail industry, providing immediate response capabilities during emergencies or break-ins.


Featuring easy-to-use arming and disarming functions, along with customizable sensitivity settings, we ensure that your store is protected during off-hours without hindering daily operations.


In the event of an emergency, the alarm system promptly notifies local authorities, ensuring a swift response to secure the premises and protect assets. Integratable with existing security systems and providing robust reporting features, offering retailers a comprehensive security solution that mitigates risks and fosters a safer shopping experience.

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