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At NVS Canada we understand that safety is everyone’s concern. Installing CCTV cameras and a security network helps create a safe and accountable work environment for everyone. NVS Canada offers efficient and cost-effective top-of-the-line security systems in partnership with reputable brands such as Axis, Bosch, and Milestone. At NVS, we offer customized solutions that encompass many security systems. In addition to the installation of CCTV networks, we are also able to integrate this network with existing or new access control systems, as well as building security systems, creating a more comprehensive and complete solution for you. Contact us today for a free assessment of your CCTV and security monitoring needs.

Access Control

Access Control

Monitoring access in the workplace is a concern for every employer. At NVS Canada we offer customized access control systems to help you ensure your workplace is safe and secure. By creating a custom solution, employers can monitor who has access to any location, while also adding access to select employees with ease. This solution can track the entry or exit of users, ensuring accountability of employees in case of emergency or fire. We also offer higher-security access control systems using biometric access to higher-security locations within a facility. Finally, our customized solution can integrate with building security systems, CCTV networks and parking monitoring to provide a more comprehensive and secure solution for you. Our access control is customized, allowing you to create a solution that fits the needs of your work environment, creating a safe workplace without hindering efficiency. Contact us for a free assessment of a security solution for you and your business.

Speed Gate

Speed Gates

Speed Gates are a form of access control that allows one person to pass through the gate at a time. They can be used to control traffic in or out of a building or specific location using different kinds of access systems such as a token, pass, or custom security access cards. Speed Gates are designed to allow security personnel to track each entry/exit, allowing them to efficiently isolate potential disturbances or confiscate prohibited items. NVS Canada’s customized software allows speed gate systems to be integrated with proximity passes, enhanced biometric access control like retina scanners and facial recognition, as well as NFC using a smart phone. Contact us for a free assessment of how speed gates can create a more safe and more secure environment for you and your workplace.

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Barrier Gates

Barrier Gates

NVS barrier gates also give an accurate and secure measure for attendance. From a security standpoint, they lead patron's vehicles to enter single-file, so security personnel have a clear view of each patron & any guests. This enables security to efficiently isolate potential trouble, and collection information or documentation or payment. We also provide modern electronic gates that are elegant and aesthetic, especially for corporate offices or high-luxury buildings. Our systems also deliver high accuracy of tailgating which gives peace of mind and unattended entrances become no longer a concern.

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