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Card Access

Revolutionizes access control for property management, offering advanced card access solutions tailored for secure entry into buildings, parking garages, and specific areas within properties.


By employing modern encryption standards and customizable access levels, our card access solution ensures that only authorized tenants, employees, and visitors can enter sensitive or restricted areas. The system's ease of use, from card issuance to entry monitoring, makes it an ideal fit for properties seeking to enhance their security profile without compromising on convenience.

Our system also offers reporting capabilities allow property managers to track access patterns and respond to security incidents with precision, making it an essential asset for modern, safety-conscious properties.

Video Cameras

Our cutting-edge video camera system is designed for comprehensive surveillance in property management settings.


Its high-definition cameras are equipped to capture detailed footage of incidents like slip-and-fall accidents, theft, or property damage, providing invaluable evidence for investigations and insurance claims.


With features like motion detection, night vision, and weather resistance, these cameras are your property’s watchful eyes, ensuring coverage in all conditions, day or night.


Easily integrated with existing network infrastructure for remote monitoring and playback, our video camera solution is a critical component of proactive property management, helping to minimize risks and protect assets with vigilance.

Alarm Systems

At NVS Canada, we offer a sophisticated alarm system designed specifically for property management needs.


Offering customizable arming and disarming schedules to match opening and closing hours, we provide a robust layer of protection when the property is most vulnerable. In the event of unauthorized entry or emergencies, the system can trigger an immediate police response, ensuring swift action to protect property and occupants.


With an user-friendly interface, this allows for easy management and can be integrated with other security systems to provide a comprehensive security solution. Whether it’s a commercial complex, residential building, or retail space, our alarm system solutions offer property managers the tools to effectively safeguard their premises and provide peace of mind for all.

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