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RFID Tracking for Babies & Surgical Tools

Designed to revolutionize patient and equipment safety in healthcare settings. This state-of-the-art system harnesses the power of RFID technology to provide unparalleled tracking capabilities for both newborns and surgical tools within the facility. Hospitals can ensure the security and safety of their most vulnerable patients while also maintaining strict control over surgical instruments during procedures.

The dual-purpose system includes tamper-proof, hypoallergenic bands for babies that immediately alert staff if they are removed or tampered with, and durable, sterilizable tags for surgical tools that can withstand the rigours of the operating room. Integrating seamlessly with existing hospital management systems, this system provides real-time location monitoring, reducing the risk of baby misidentification and tool misplacement or theft. This innovative solution is essential for healthcare facilities committed to maintaining the highest standards of patient care and operational efficiency.

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Prescription Medicine Tracking

By utilizing advanced RFID tagging and tracking, this system ensures the accurate and efficient dispensing of medications, significantly reducing the risk of errors. Designed for pharmacies and healthcare facilities, we offer a comprehensive solution for medication inventory management, from stocking to patient distribution.

Tailored to meet the unique challenges of prescription medicine tracking, the system features a user-friendly interface for easy operation, detailed reporting for inventory and dispensing audits, and secure encryption to protect patient information. With real-time tracking and alerts for stock levels and expiration dates, healthcare providers can streamline their processes, maintain compliance, and focus on delivering exceptional patient care.

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Card Access Control

Our leading card access control system specifically tailored for healthcare facilities, offering a robust solution for securing sensitive areas, such as medication storage rooms and restricted zones. With programmable access levels, this allows for the customization of entry permissions based on staff roles and responsibilities, enhancing security protocols and protecting against unauthorized access.

This system incorporates state-of-the-art encryption and advanced security features to prevent cloning and ensure that access cards cannot be compromised. A real-time monitoring dashboard provides immediate visibility into access attempts, allowing for rapid response to any security breaches. 

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Security Cameras

We offer security cameras designed with the unique needs of healthcare facilities in mind. Offering high-definition video surveillance, with comprehensive monitoring of patient areas, entry points, and restricted zones, contributing to a secure environment for patients, staff, and visitors.

Equipped with motion detection, night vision, and remote monitoring capabilities, cameras can identify unauthorized activity and facilitate a quick security response, ensuring patient safety and protecting against theft.


With easy integration into existing security systems and customizable settings for specific area surveillance, our security cameras are the optimal choice for healthcare facilities seeking to enhance their security measures and maintain a safe, therapeutic environment.

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