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Security Cameras

A state-of-the-art security camera system designed specifically for the transportation sector.


Offering high-resolution video monitoring for stations, vehicles, and tracks, to ensure comprehensive coverage and real-time observation of transportation facilities. With features such as robust weather-proofing, vibration resistance, and wide-angle viewing, these cameras are engineered to perform in diverse transit environments, from bustling city terminals to remote rail lines.


The system actively tracks incidents and behaviour, providing transit authorities with the evidence they need to maintain safety and security. Seamlessly integrates with existing networks, enabling centralized monitoring and quick response coordination, essential for today's dynamic transportation landscapes.

Card Access

A versatile card access control system designed to regulate entry to restricted zones within transportation infrastructures, such as maintenance depots and control centers.


Employing high-level encryption and multi-factor authentication, restricts access to vital operational areas to authorized personnel only, reinforcing the security of sensitive locations against unauthorized interference and potential threats.


Streamlined for easy management, allowing transit authorities to issue secure credentials efficiently, monitor access in real-time, and review access history for compliance and investigations. 

Barrier Gates

Barrier gates are is an innovative solution engineered to promote and maintain safe driving practices within transportation networks.


This intelligent speed control system provides transportation agencies with the tools to enforce speed limits dynamically, adapting to traffic conditions and specific safety requirements such as school zones or construction sites.


 This system can also be configured to automatically adjust vehicle speeds to comply with regulations. It's an indispensable asset for any organization seeking to enhance road safety, minimize the risk of accidents, and uphold the reputation of their transit service.

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