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Smart Homes & Buildings - Access Control

Smart Buildings and Access Control

A TV that turns on when you enter the room. Blinds that close when you go to bed. A front door that unlocks when you approach.

From your smartphone, you are able to control your entire house. Those “Smart Homes”, while seemingly a modern trend, have been around since 1975. This technology, called “domotics”, has significant advantages for the elderly and people with reduced mobility, while still being able to accommodate any user’s preferences.

CDVI recently launched its new GALEO Bluetooth keypad. Remotely control from your phone, the possibility to send a unique and secure code to visitors and contractors, as well as the ability to open your gate or front door from your phone app, gives you added flexibility and security in managing access to your home.

If a Smart Home is a Smart Building, not all Smart Buildings are Smart Homes

Enterprise, commercial and industrial smart buildings are just being developed and talked about. A Smart Building offers many advantages for private or public usage: reduced energy costs, higher efficiency, greater security… Just like you are able to control every aspect of your home from your phone, public buildings can include smart features for a more flexible, efficient and secure management.

Remote access control is possible with CDVI’s ATRIUM web-based access control system. The free management software allows for a fast and simple installation, while the ergonomic app gives users an easy way to manage access through one or multiple sites whenever they need to and wherever they are.

At CDVI we have also developed other products you might need for a completely secure access control system: from maglocks and power supplies to readers and transmitters.

Is it complicated?

Not at all – CDVI solutions are easy to install and user-friendly! Both the software and the app are web-based and supported on any web-browser for maximum compatibility.

Is it secure?

As the ATRIUM is a web-based access control system, everything is securely stored online via AES 256 encryption, giving you an extra protection against theft. With the MIFARE and DesFIRE readers and cards available at CDVI, it is harder to clone cards and data and thus access the building without an attributed user card or password. The latest version of the software includes an evacuation and invacuation feature for added safety.

What about data protection?

One of the main concerns with Smart Homes and Buildings is how data is transmitted and accessed by the different devices. ATRIUM was updated to allow users to comply with GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018, this means that personal data is under control. Our access control allows for data to be managed and protected according to your needs and requirements.


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