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Surgical Insturment Tracking
Surgical Instrument Tracking RFID

Surgical Instrument Tracking

Tracking and monitoring the usage of medical and surgical equipment is a primary concern for hospital inventory management departments as well as health and hygiene compliance departments. NVS Canada provides solutions that allow for the tracking of surgical equipment using real-time and passive locators so that hospitals can manage their inventory in a safe and efficient manner. Minuscule RFID tags are attached to surgical equipment, whether small or large and are then tracked using our TrackLine RFID software. Hospital staff are then able to monitor the usage of each item. Items can be tracked, no matter where and how they are being used.

Tool Managemet System
Tool Management System RFID

Tool Management System 

Many industrial activities also require specialized tools, including tools custom-made for a specific operation. Expensive tools can often get lost. But there are reliable methods of marking them. The most reliable method is to use RFID proximity tags that come in the form of plastic chips or labels.

NVS’ RFID tool management system helps your company accurately and efficiently track any of your tools. Rather than wasting time searching for and replacing lost tools, you can now keep track of them with a convenient, easy-to-use, complete RFID tool management system that enables you to keep track of the location and inventory at the same time.

Infant Protection System
 Infant Protection System RFID

Infant Protection System

NVS’ Infant Protection System allows hospitals to protect their youngest patients: newborn babies. Using RFID tags, hospitals can keep track of the real-time locations of infants, ensuring their security, monitoring their care, and lowering the risk of infant abduction or a parent-to-infant mismatch. Our TrackLine software is customized to integrate seamlessly with your HIS (Hospital Information System) and CCTV networks. This system allows staff to securely track an infant’s location as they receive care, while also alerting hospital staff using silent or active alarms in the case of attempted abductions. We offer multiple types of RFID tags, including dual-tamper tags, patient tags and article tags, allowing for the creation of a complete solution to tracking patients as well as managing personnel and equipment. Contact us to find out more about our Infant Protection System and how it can make your hospital more secure for its youngest patients.


RFID Solutions for Healthcare

Our linen tracking solutions use RFID technologies that can be placed in clothing, towels and linens for inventory, placement and duration. This saves laundry facilities thousands of dollars per month on labour costs by tracking assets that are in use or not more accurately, thus reducing wasted time and energy doing manual checks and over-buying supplies.

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